Flavoured honeys

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New Turmeric honey 300g

Product no.: 312

A healthy turmeric-flavoured honey!


Propolis Honey 300g

Product no.: 560

Propolis honey.

A treatment for colds or a flu.

1 kg = 33.33 €

Orange-flavoured Honey

Product no.: 77

The sunny fresh flavour of oranges.

Cognac honey

Product no.: 76

A sweet harmony of honey and cognac.

Eukalyptus honey

Product no.: 75

The finest of the flu honeys.


Product no.: 70


Product no.: 72

The favourite of all the flavoured honeys.

Ginger Honey 150g

Product no.: 428

A health bomb!


Product no.: 73

A crisp apple flavour.

Strawberry honey

Product no.: 74

The lovely sweet taste of strawberries.

Hot Chilli Honey

Product no.: 78

Sweet and spicy.

Strawberry Honey Teddy Bear 350g

Product no.: 20093

The lovely sweet strawberry honey teddy bear.

1 kg = 28.57 €

Mama's Scrummy Apple Cinnamon Honey 300g

Product no.: 407

The sweet flavour of apples and cinnamon will make your mouth water.

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1 kg = 33.33 €

Vanilla Toffee

Product no.: 82

A vanilla indulgence.

Cloudberry Honey

Product no.: 84

Feel Lapland's magic with this cloudberry delicacy.


Product no.: 86

A unique gift of honey

Product no.: 178

A unique gift of honey

1 kg = 33.33 €