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1 kg = 166.67 €
1 kg = 166.67 €

Perga is also called bee bread. It is pollen that has undergone a process of preserving bees. Perga is created through lactic fermentation. The bees store the pollen mixture in the cells in the cells. At the packing stage, the bees mix enzymes in the mixture. In the cells, pollen goes through lactic acid fermentation. Fermentation softens the hard shell of the pollen particle. This makes the nutrients contained in pollen easier for bees and humans.

With the fermentation of lactic acid, pollen loses its ability to fertilize, but it does not diminish the nutritional quality of pollen, but vice versa: Perga is more valuable than pollen. The bees feed on the larvae to the larvae. Young bees eat it to produce breast milk. Perga is very durable. Perga is well-known in old beekeeping cultures, and is believed to improve performance and vitality.

Because Perga is pollen, its use is not recommended for pollen allergies. Lactic acid supports the intestinal microbiota, promotes liver metabolism, maintains metabolic balance.

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