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1. In whose name is the god certificate made? 2. The names of the honey jars (2 pcs.) e.g. Kari's honey?

Sipe: "This gift was the best ever "

Siiri: "Now it hit and sank, the shock of good honey and the videos are really expansive"

Niina: "We received a wedding gift, quite a wonderful surprise"

Sari: " Thank you again! I would say that this concept of yours was a hit for the whole birthday party, all the way through Central Europe.

Pollinator a fixed-term for the god bee hive includes:
  1. GOD BEE HIVE , designated for the recipient.
  2. GOD CERTIFICATE , personalized according to the customer's wishes. Delivered by e-mail. 
  3. VIDEO HEARINGS  (13-15 videos, 3-10min / video) from the god apiary throughout the treatment year 2024. Videos are in Finnish language.
  4. YOUR OWN APIARY honey in 2 glass jars  a'300g  with personalized labels. Delivery in the fall of 2024.
  5. DELIVERY COSTS TO FINLAND . If you order other products for the same order that you want to ship immediately, we will charge an additional postage of € 5.9  if the  value of the additional products  is  less than € 50 . You will receive an invoice for postage with the shipment.



  1. Add product to cart.
  2. Go to cart.
  3. Enter additional information in the “Order and Delivery Notes ” field.
    1. Whose name is the god certification made and do you want extra wishes for?
    2. What name do you want the labels for honey jars to be?
  4. Press UPDATE and then SUBSCRIBE.
  6. Enter the subscriber's information and the delivery address and telephone number of the recipient of the sponsor's honeys, if different from the subscriber's.
  7. Pay for the order as you choose.



At the time you want, the recipient of the gift will receive a personalized GOD CERTIFICATE, which will show them the gift package (also available in Swedish). Shipment by letter or e-mail to the subscriber or directly to the recipient.


The bee videos from its own godfather will delight the recipient throughout the 2024 treatment season. You can buy the nest at any time of the year, you get access to a video library where you can see all the videos of the treatment season.


God honey from your own apiary will be delivered in the fall of 2024 and personalized to your liking!

Below are a few personalization examples:


Note! The recipient of the gift will not receive any information about the upcoming surprise, before the big-moment!



We are a two-person family business operating in Ylä-Savo, Lapinlahti. We are already working in the second generation, Kari's father Erkki Lappi started beekeeping in 1976. In 2013, he was awarded the title of "Beekeeper of the Year".

Although our honey is delicious, pollination is still the most valuable product of bees. The value of pollination is many times the value of the honey crop. It is estimated that insects pollinate 80 percent of the world's plant species. The rest of the plants are wind or self-pollinated. Beekeeping is an effective way to promote biodiversity. Our beehives are used e.g. in the pollination of strawberries, boysenberries and raspberries on berry farms in Lapinlahti. In addition, our bees are used to control gray mold when bees apply a biological pesticide to strawberry and raspberry flowers. The bees fly within a radius of about 2km from the nest, so there is a huge number of plants to be pollinated during the summer.

There are currently more than 20 apiaries and they are located within a radius of about 20 km from the center of Lapinlahti.

All our apiaries meet the requirements of the location in accordance with the regulations of ORGANIC.


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