Ginger Honey 150g

Product no.: 428-0003 (Koko: 150g)
1 kg = 40.00 €

1 kg = 40.00 €

Our ginger honey contains real, powdered ginger mixed with Finnish honey.

Most people know the health benefits ginger has, so combining it with honey makes this product one of the all-time favourites, year after year. 

Use in marinades, baking, tee and other hot beverages or on apple pie and roast vegetables.

"The secret of our flavoured honeys lies in our self-produced Northern Savonian honey and its uncompromisingly high quality."

Product variations
Koko: 50g
3.00 €
Koko: 150g
6.00 €
Koko: 300g
10.00 €

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