Propolis 10ml

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Ingredients: Propolis extract 100% dissolved in ethanol.


Etanol 84,4%

Propolis 8%

Water 7,6%


Propolis is a wax produced by bees. Its raw materials are scented, resin like substances exuded from the buds of silver birches, spruces, willows and pine trees.  

The effectiveness of propolis is based on its flavonoids, which act as antioxidantsPropolis stimulates cell and tissue growth as well as speeds up recovery

Propolis contains up to 300 chemical substances, for example: salve, resin, terpene, wax, fatty acids, pollen, amino acids, flavonoids and glucoside.

The importance of propolis in the hive is immense, because it keeps all the harmful bacteria away.


Externally, undiluted

  • for cuts - works as a liquid plaster, forming an antiseptic membrane
  • for insect bites
  • for cold sores
  • for pimples
  • for cuticle inflammations
  • for earache

​Internally, undiluted or 10-20 drops diluted in a small amount of water.

  • a treatment for flu or the pharynx
  • for gingivitis
  • for a sore throat
  • a treatment for aphtas
  • for a cough

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